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Drywall, or Gypsum Board, is Fire Resistant

Drywall, or Gypsum board, exhibits fire resistance because it absorbs energy in the form of heat. In a natural state, gypsum contains the water of crystallization bound in the form of hydrates. Water vaporizes when exposed to heat or fire, retarding heat transfer. A fire in one room will not cause the adjacent room to get any warmer than the water’s boiling point.
There are different types of drywall that are available. Here are some of them:

Regular white board: It is probably the least expensive drywall and comes in different sizes and thickness.

Blue Board: Also known as plasterboard, it has a high water and mold resistance, and there are fewer steps involved.

Green Board: It is more moisture resistant, but it is not waterproof. Wet areas like bathrooms, basement walls, kitchens, and laundry rooms can use green board.

Type X Fire Rated: This is fire resistant. A commercial drywall contractor normally uses it in garages, apartment buildings, and mechanical rooms. Many building codes require use of this drywall type.

Paperless: The manufacturer covers the product with fiberglass instead of paper. The fiberglass protects the board from rot and offers even greater mold and mildew resistance.

Purple: It is an improved moisture resistant board that offers the same advantages of regular drywall. This type has better moisture and mold resistant characteristics.

Soundproof: Laminated drywall with a mix of wood fibers, gypsum, and polymers that increase the sound transmission class.

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